Familjegodis.se My Photopage


This site is all about me, a person that like to see graphics in my own way and love that moment where my camera catch something on the fly.

Cant say how many times i have been out there where things happend, and didnt have my camera with me to catch that very moment. It sliped away to the "no remeber" land.


Just like the moment with the squirrel looking into the camera lins, one can only wonder who looks at who, and how that picture came out. I bet that photo will be one to remember in the future.

That is what this site is all about. Moments in life I like to remember. I really dont care about the perfect picture, I care about the picture that cought a special moment in time and life. When I look at it I will remember that moment like it just happend.

So the pictures on this site is not perfect for all, but to me they mean everything and somehow, I hope they will bring a thought or a smile to my visitors looking through them. This site will grow in time. The pictures online here now are just a few of several thousand i have stored on my harddrives. I will update with a lot more galleries for you to look at and hopefully you will come back to share all the moments in the images with me.

If you want to borrow one of them, please contact me BEFORE you download them, i like to know where you use them if it's ok with you. You can also send comments about thee photos or my site the same way.

Thank you for visiting my photo place on the net. And hope you revisit my photosite